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History and Cultural Lifeof Olsztyn

Olsztyn is not only an attractively situated town but also one with a history of more than 650 years. Its legacy remains with us to this day, and the memory of great people and events still lingers in the Old Town.


The military architecture of 14th century Warmia, the distinguished Secession buildings from the 19th and 20th centuries, the interesting shows and concerts all help to ensure that those who have made the decision to visit the town gladly return.

Wandering through the streets of the Old Town we can admire ther emains of the medieval town walls, the massive outline of the Castle and the interesting collections of the Museum. The cloisters of the Castle are haunted by the spirit of times gone by, and anyone standing in front of the astronomical table drawn on the walls by Nicolaus Copernicus will feel the presence of history – and perhaps also a desire to look at the stars which can be satisfied under the dome of Olsztyn’s Planetarium.








Fun on the water –by Canoe and Horsethrough Olsztyn


The growing number of holidaymakers who want to do something active with their vacation will find a great deal to attract them in and around Olsztyn: hiking routes, trail biking or travelling by canoe. Supper and accomodation in Olsztyn; taking part in Olsztyn’s Summer of the Arts; wandering from morning to night among the beauties of nature; these are the summer vacation ideas which we propose to our visitors.


Before we set out though, let us make a short trip around the town. The 18 square kilometres of town forest. the eleven lakes and the valley of the River Łyna all invite you to spend your activity holiday here and nowhere else.









On Foot and by Bicyclethrough the Olsztyn Forests

The large area of the Town Forest, which represents some 22.7% of Olsztyn’s total land surface, offers outstanding opportunities for activity holidays on foot and by bicycle. A number of marked trails exist in and around Olsztyn, and most of these are suitable for cyclists unencumbered by baggage.

The trails allow rambling by hikers of varying degrees of physical fitness. Olsztyn can also be used as a base for further explorations by lovers of active tourism – the choice is up to you!







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