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National roads in the vicinity of Olsztyn guarantee an easy access to the city. One of the main national roads, E7, leading from Chyżne, via Cracow, Warsaw to Gdańsk, goes merely 28 kms away from thecity (you get there via Olsztynek). When arriving in Olsztyn from the south, you cover the section from Olsztynek to Olsztyn taking the road no 51. To other national roads going through the city belong: – national road no 16 (Grudziądz–Olsztyn–Ełk–Ogrodniki) – directioneast– national road no 51 (Bezledy–Olsztyn–Olsztynek) – going from Russia– national road no 53 (Olsztyn, Szczytno–Ostrołęka) – direction Mazovia.










Olsztyn has very good train and bus connections with major Polish cities,  as well as convenient Eurolines services with destinations allover Europe. The Stage Car Communication (Państwowa  Komunikacja Samochodowa/PKS) offers direct connections to Trójmiasto, Warsaw and Cracow. Furthermore, PKS operates international routes to Vilnius and Lvov. International bus service to London, Brussels, Copenhagen, Paris, Bordeaux, Lille, Rennes, Breda, Eindhoven, Aachen, Oslo, Göteborg, Stockholm and many other European cities, is provided by the network of Eurolines Poland.






The Airport of Warmia and Mazury Aeroclub is located about 4,5 km south-west from the city centre, at the national road no 16.It disposes of a concrete, lit runway (length: 850 m, width: 23 m) aswell as a grass one (length: 850 m, width: 100 m). The former, in use since the end of 2006, belongs to one of the most modern structures of that kind in Poland. The airport operates 24 hours a day and is open for sport and sanitary aircrafts as well as small planes holding up to 20 passengers.



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