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Olsztyn has several branches of the Museum of Warmia and Mazury(the Olsztynska Newspaper House, the Museum of Natural History), butthe most important seat of the Museum is the castle. Go there and youare bound to get involved in one of these:

  • minting coins, climbing the castle tower, night visit to the castle, etc.

  • ‘Summer Thursdays with Nicolas Copernicus’ – a face-to-face meetingwith the castle’s most prominent resident. This is an educational and entertainingevent addressed to both residents of Olsztyn and tourists (Julyand August). The main attraction of the Thursdays is Nicolas Copernicus,who tells visitors about his discoveries and presents the astronomical instrumentshe used. The actor who impersonates the astronomer will takeyou around the Museum but he will also show you some nooks and cornersof the castle which are not normally open to the public. Besides, youwill have a chance to impersonate a medieval character, for examplea coin minter – and produce yourself a commemorative coin called 1 copernicus.Or you can become an old-fashioned printer and print a copy of a document in an antique printing press. You can turn into a medievalburgher trying on historic costumes. After that take a rest and sit in theshaded court of the castle, sipping coffee or chilled soft drinks, watchingknights in combat or a show of the Korzunowicz Family Informal AnimationTheatre, which presents historic figures connected with our town andthe region. Special attractions are prepared for young children, such asa visual art plein air or a treasure hunt. Your attendance in a ‘Thursday atthe Castle’ will be commemorated with a specially designed certificate






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